Andrew Clermont

Epoch Musical Instruments is proud to have Andrew Clermont, one of Australia's leading musicians
and bluegrass exponents as an Epoch endorsee, so much so that a signature acoustic
Epoch and an Australian sunset acoustic/electric take pride of place in most of
Andrew's stage work around the world.

Andrew Clermont playing with Dya Singh - a nationally awarded World Music Group which tours annually to South Africa, USA, UK and Malaysia promoting love and world peace. Here he plays his new Epoch blue metallic electric five string violin.


Andrew's view of the Epoch - "It really shines in a group, with its clear and bold sound.

"I have seen too many good violins buried not to appreciate that a violin like the Epoch, taken straight off the rack can be used immediately and stand out in the best possible way. It really does shine....

"The Epoch's electric sound turns heads and I love the raw unadorned timber sound. Look out for them"

Andrew is a virtuoso on instruments as diverse as the fiddle, the mandolin and the didgeridoo.

He has toured extensively across Australia and through the outback with the likes of Johnny Chester, Brian Young, Tammy Wynette, Tom T. Hall, Allison Durban and James Blundell.

A regular performer at Tamworth and other CM festivals and at many folk festivals, Andrew has worked with numerous artists including The Dead Ringer Band, Beccy Cole, Troy Cassar-Daley, Greg Champion, Brent Parlane, Jim Haynes and Pat Drummond. Andrew was the National Bluegrass Flatpick Guitar Champion in 1984, 1985 and 1987 and is currently a Bluegrass Championship Judge.

A member of the Three Chord Wonders from 1985 to 1988, he shared their Golden Guitar for "Losin' My Blues Tonight" in 1987. Overseas tours have taken Andrew to Spain for the World Expo in 1992 and to Sweden, Norway, Austria and his family's homeland, Germany, in 1995; closely followed by a UK tour with Norma O'Hara Murphy. Then in 1996, he spent four months performing in Taiwan.

Andrew has played the Epoch with the Borderers, the top rated folk rock band from Adelaide and he has appeared on their albums.

The Epoch acoustic signature model, with matching timber chinrest.


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